Guide to Redesigning Your Kitchen

Bored with the color of the kitchen that’s all right? Why not replace it with a different color? Color is a friend to your kitchen. Take advantage of color to emphasize the shape of the kitchen, to change the look of the kitchen cabinet that looks dull, and of course to make the cooking atmosphere more fun and enjoyable.
Interested in creating an industrial impression on your kitchen? You can use exposed bricks as a kitchen wall. For cabinets and kitchen cabinets, use silver to reinforce the industrial impression. The addition of natural wood elements will eliminate the impression of being too stiff.

If you want a kitchen with a soft and soothing impression, a combination of soft white and gray as in the picture above can be an option. White is the basic color that dominates the walls of the room and gray is the color of choice for kitchen furniture. The combination of these two colors can be used for small sized kitchens.

Create a cheerful atmosphere by using yellow as the color of your kitchen. Like the morning sun, yellow is a color of joy and optimism. This color is also believed to increase appetite. The use of this color is suitable for use in dark and small sized kitchens. Use bright yellow as an accent color on the chair or kitchen accessories, and pale yellow as the color of the kitchen cupboard. Then mix these colors with neutral colors like white or gray so that they are not too excessive.

For the impression of luxury, use white as the dominant color and gold as an accent color in the kitchen. You can use gold for a variety of kitchen accessories, in a light fixture, or as an accent wall for a luxurious and glamorous look.

    Why I Love My Minimalist Kitchen ?
    Now minimalist kitchen design is very loved in the era of modern society.

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