Kids Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Determining the design of a child’s bedroom that fits can be said to be easy bother. Of course there will be some differences between designing girls ‘bedrooms and boys’ bedrooms. Well, this time inthebox wants to give tips for you.

Minimalist Kids Bedroom Design Tips
Presenting the atmosphere of a bedroom minimizing for children is not something easy. You must be able to adjust also to what your child likes. Do not let the design that is presented is not suitable and makes the room look uncomfortable.

Following are some minimalist kids bedroom design tips that are easy to apply:

1. Choose a Sturdy Bed
The first thing you should pay attention to when designing a child’s bedroom is to choose a sturdy bed. Why is this the main concern? As we know, most children move more actively. Not infrequently they also jump on the bed.

A sturdy bed is needed to maintain the safety of children while sleeping. In addition, the bed will be much more durable and you don’t need to worry about being damaged quickly. The selection of beds is also an important thing to note, especially when using a level bed.

2. Select the Fitting and Comfortable Mattress Size
Tips for the design of the next child’s bedroom is to choose the right mattress. You must determine the size of the mattress that fits the area of ​​the room. Do not choose a mattress that is too big and too small so the child can move freely and the look of the bedroom is comfortable to see.

Also make sure you give the best for the baby by choosing a comfortable and durable account. You can choose one of the best mattresses like the spring bed INTHEBOX. Available with various mattress sizes, INTHEBOX also uses technology that is able to support the child’s backbone well, so that it can support its growth period.

3. Customize Children’s Bed Sheet Motifs
Every child certainly has a favorite color or character. The best step to designing and decorating a child’s room is to use bed linen with his favorite color or character that he likes. This will look dominating because the mattress is the main point in the bedroom.

Selecting bed linen for girls ‘bedrooms and boys’ bedrooms will definitely be different. You also later need to adjust the selection of sheets with the main color of the bedroom so that the composition is right.

4. Complete with Children’s Needs
The design of a child’s bedroom must be equipped with his daily needs. Some of them are like study tables to their favorite toys. Also adjust to other needs, for example the baby has a hobby playing music, then you can present a guitar in his room. This method can make a child more comfortable in his room.

5. Add the appropriate decorations
The last designation of a child’s bedroom is to add some decorations that are in accordance with the character and preferences of the child. Even so, you can determine what girls’ room decorations are like and boy’s room decorations.

Some of the decorations meant here do not need to be something troublesome. You can present matching colors or with certain characters in the form of displays, stickers or wallpapers.

Here are some tips for making a minimalist bedroom that is easy and comfortable. It’s easy right? Don’t forget to pick up INTHEBOX mattresses and pillows so the child can sleep comfortably.

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