Simple But Elegant House Interior Design

A clean and comfortable house must be everyone’s dream. In 2015, I was asked to design a house. This 700 m2 house was built on a 600 m2 land in a minimalist modern tropical style. Minimalist modern tropical design is commonplace for homes in Indonesia which do have a tropical climate in modern times with the rise of various minimalist-style homes. However, what are the features compared to other houses? Let’s take a look at the design!


The warmth of the sun and the beauty of the gradations of green tropical plants are natural elements that provide a positive aura for the whole house. All parts of the house openly welcome nature as a source of natural lighting and fresh air. Downstairs walls are dominated by large glass doors facing open spaces between the masses of the building. The indoor area feels integrated with the outdoor. Gravel gravel is a visual barrier as well as a physical barrier that reduces splashes of water and traps dust. The green grass on the grout balances the brightness of natural stone floors, while displaying simple tropical beauty. The terrace is equipped with a large enough swing that can be a place to relax while lying down enjoying the beauty of the sky, but still calm and protected.

A tropical house even though it has been assimilated with a minimalist modern style remains attached to the philosophy of togetherness. This is where the important role of a comfortable family room is to create warmth in the family. The wood element as a ceiling with natural brown color and the beauty of its wood fiber character creates comfort, as if nature embraces and protects. Wood is also used as a minimalist furniture material in a cabinet and multifunctional table, while also appearing modern on its armchair. Exposure to the steel structure on the ceiling becomes a modern aesthetic element. Glass windows are a source of natural lighting and air circulation. Besides saving energy, natural light also displays the beauty of the colors according to the original. The room also looks clean, bright and spacious.

The concept of open-plan is known to give a broad impression on space. In addition to the flow of space feels comfortable, space with this concept is also easy to clean, looks simple, even looks elegant because it reflects the openness of the thought of the owner. This house seems more relieved by the number of openings in the form of doors, windows and skylights. White dominance increasingly makes the room look more clean. Brown wood on the ceiling becomes a white balance and shade shade. The wooden frames on the glass doors in the ground floor seemed to be a milestone that strengthened and united the earth with the house. The stairs are wooded to become a link between the levels of space, as well as a soft accent for the interior.

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