Simple Living Room Designs For Small Spaces

Maintaining friendship with relatives is important. The goal is that relations with relatives are maintained and not just lost contact. There are many ways that can be done to maintain friendship, one way is by visiting. For example, you can invite relatives to visit home to simply have dinner together or chat with each other in the living room.

However, you are not confident with the appearance of the living room at home? The problem of large size or small living room is indeed difficult to change, but the problem of design and appearance can still be tricked in a very easy way.

You don’t need to be very expensive to get a beautiful and cool living room. Simply by adding a few decorations to the wall, your living room will look cool.

For a Scandinavian-style living room, you can add picture frame decorations with a very simple Scandinavian Nordic Geometric theme.

Painting is the easiest decoration to decorate the living room wall. But the theme alone must be adjusted to the interior of the living room. For example, the living room with natural stone and the dominance of dark colors is suitable to use the decoration of black and white scenery paintings
The last wall decoration is to attach illustrated plates to the wall to make your living room look more classic.

The addition of certain decorations on the wall can significantly change the appearance of the living room significantly. Your living room that used to look boring will look cool with the addition of some of the decorations above. Are you ready to change your simple living room to look cool?

    Small Living Room Decorating Ideas
    The living room as the face of the house makes this area important

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