Small Front Yard Garden Ideas

We are already familiar with the yard in front, next to the entrance and back of the house. But the idea of ​​a park in the middle of a house is also not new anymore. Yes. This idea has been around for a long time. More than 5,000 years ago, history was familiar with garden design in the middle of a house, which served as a liaison between other houses in one environment. Also useful as a public area, as a place of sharing between residents.

Areas like this also allow the wind to blow, flowing to various directions, making the housing fresh and cool, because it has good air exchange. And usually, it is accompanied by the presence of large, shady trees, which make the whole dwelling come alive.

And here, we present some garden designs in the middle of a beautiful house, for those of you who are looking for an idea of ​​healthy and attractive green space.

The first idea we offer, in the form of a large enough green space in the middle of the house, containing grass and a large tree that provides shade. This lawn can also be used for family events or activities.

The next idea is a combination of a central garden and a comfortable living space. The trees are shady, and other green areas are placed on one side of the wall of the house. Besides being comfortable, the atmosphere of this area is also very fresh.

In terraced houses, the space is usually limited, but try to provide green space as a place to relax, and rest your eyes. You can imitate the design of the central garden of this open house, without a roof, where trees are planted that rise to the height of the sky.

This Japanese-style garden can not only be applied to the front, back or side of the house, but can also be positioned in the middle of the house. Emphasis is placed on the composition of the park to be balanced, which results in a fresh and comfortable area.

    Simple Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas
    Having a good outdoor landscape design, of course, will also have a positive

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