Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room as the face of the house makes this area important to be designed. Besides using various colors, minimalist styles can also be applied to this room. Minimalism is a simple and not complicated design style. Removal of unnecessary ornaments was also chosen to beautify the room. The room is also bright and looks clean. The following is a minimalist design in the living room that you can make a decorating guide to your home.

The living room in a house is like a face, because every guest who visits our home for the first time he visits and values ​​is a living room. You do not need to worry if you have a living room that is not too large and large, there are many minimalist living room designs that are ready to be used as a reference for your minimalist home.

With the right arrangement, the selection of sofas, the application of wall hangings and the color of the right wall paint will make the interior of a simple minimalist living room look modern and luxurious. The combination of the whole is something that is complementary and filling, making it look beautiful and beautiful.

One design designed for a minimalist living room is a simple interior design by tucking in a modern concept. And to make it luxurious, you don’t have to use expensive equipment or furniture.

Because it can be engineered using unique and interesting homemade furniture. You can also buy it at a second hand shop where the items are still durable and maintained. Thus you are not too much in spending.

The living room is designed with bright white on the wall which is then combined with various other colors that are close to white. Windows designed on two sides of the room make more incoming light. Paintings on the wall accent to the room with a color that is not too flashy.

    Simple Living Room Designs For Small Spaces
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