Why I Love My Minimalist Kitchen ?

Now minimalist kitchen design is very loved in the era of modern society. Apart from being simple, a minimalist kitchen is the right choice to save space, especially if the house that is owned is not too wide. With a minimalist kitchen design you will get a very beautiful and efficient cooking room without losing its main function.

Make sure you curse the model of a shelf or cabinet that uses vertical space in the kitchen. This closet gives more space in a limited area and by utilizing the closet you can maximize the storage space in the kitchen. You could say, the key to having a minimalist kitchen is to install a hanging cabinet. And you don’t need to be confused because most of the kitchen sets currently include the cupboard.

Try the kitchen to get plenty of sunlight. In addition, install artificial lighting to use when it is dark or at night. Adequate lighting is needed so that the kitchen does not become moist. Choose a brightly colored kitchen counter table surface. You can attach the lamp to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet to facilitate your cooking activities.

Adjust the color theme of your kitchenware and cutlery. If your kitchen is predominantly white, choose equipment and kitchen equipment with matching colors. With the selection of colors in such a way that your equipment will not appear to be piled apart and seems to merge with the atmosphere of the kitchen, creating the illusion of an empty space that is more roomy again roomy.

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